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flat shoes Bangkok

Tell me if you recognize yourself in this image: you’re a busy woman running from one meeting to another. You go from the office (or wherever you work, if you’re a digital nomad like me) to an after-work drink or evening out with friends. Your life is fast-paced and fun – and your clothes must be able to match your lifestyle!

For me fashion was often a choice between comfortable or stylish. Usually I carried an extra pair of shoes with me: elegant heels for the office, and sneakers for pretty much any walk longer than to the meeting room or coffee machine. Doable, but not so convenient (though those heavy tote bags were good for my arm muscles, haha).

Sounds familiar to you too? Well, then I’m happy to announce that our days of struggles are over! Recently I’ve been on the lookout for fashion that combines ease with elegance. Starting with my all time favorite accessory – shoes! 

yellow ballerinas rainbow bag

Match made in rainbow heaven – this yellow pair of Devant combined with a bag from Thai brand Repleat!

Tikku, designer of Thai brand Devant, knows exactly what I’m talking about. She combines several careers with raising children and a mutual love for shoes. She has a background in visual arts and worked as a fashion teacher for over 20 years, next to being a consultant for a company producing shoes for many big brands.

Devant shoes Bangkok

“I’ve always loved shoes, but they had to be flat, to enable me to live my fast-paced rhythm”, Tikku told me. “I had troubles finding an elegant pair that I could run around with during daytime as well. So one year ago I decided to make them myself and start my own brand!”

The idea behind Devant is to offer a simple and timeless design in multiple colours, matching any outfit. The pointed shape provides for an elegant and sexy touch. Last but not least, thanks to Tikku’s extensive experience as a consultant in the industry, her shoes are the most comfortable pointed flats I’ve ever worn (and believe me, that counts for many pairs!).

ballerina shoes Bangkok
ballerina shoes Bangkok

Love how you can wear these pointed flats for both casual and classy outfits!

Finally, the question I always curiously ask any designer I meet here in Thailand: how did you come up with the name of your brand? I loved Tikku’s reply:

“I was inspired by my daughter’s ballet classes. The elegant yet effortless movements were exactly what my shoes stand for. I chose the ballet term “Devant” as name, meaning “in front”, as I design shoes for women enabling them to move forward in life.”

No more heavy tote bags and painful feet for me.. moving forward in life has never been more pleasant, colorful and comfortable!

ballerina shoes Bangkok

T-shirt from Belgian brand Kempen Clothing / Skirt from Thai brand Dancing Riot

Where to shop your pair of Devant

You can find Devant in several malls in Bangkok: Siam Paragon, Emporium, Gaysorn Village and Wearhouse 30. You can check out the full collection on Devant’s Facebook page or on Instagram (@devantbangkok) and order through these channels. If you live abroad, drop me a message through the contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com.


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Any questions on this brand or my blog in general? Any ideas or feedback you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! You can also drop me a message through the contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com.


  1. Steffen Toepfer

    Very interesting story. I do cross my fingers for you that all will happen what you planning for next and that all been successfull. 🙂

    • Gosia Kurowska

      Thank you very much, Steffen, happy that you enjoy reading my blog! I love living in Bangkok and exploring the city’s creative scene. Looking forward to keep sharing my stories with you!


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