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Nympheart wooden jewelry Bangkok

I love art. Looking at what someone else created so passionately and creatively inspires me. I enjoy giving an art piece my own interpretation, turning it into my own story.

For me fashion is art too and I love it for the same reasons. When interviewing designers for my blog, I feel inspired by their passion. And I love to give their pieces my own twist.

Whether you’re into art too, or just appreciate an original creation, you’ll love the brand I’ll introduce you to today. They make the most original wooden jewelry!

Nympheart wood jewelry Bangkok


Meet Nympheart, a Thai jewelry brand combining art, architecture and fashion.  The creative minds behind it are Pleankan Traiknhumpun – who (luckily) goes by nickname Momo – and Teerapol Tanamontol, or Palm in short.


Nympheart Bangkok

This cute Thai couple graduated in architecture and furniture craft, but started experimenting with art and jewelry design as well. They couldn’t pick one passion but instead mixed it all up, giving Nympheart its unique style.

I was allowed to take a peak behind the scenes and see how they create each Nympheart piece by hand! 

jewelry creation Bangkok
handmade jewelry Bangkok
handmade jewelry Bangkok

Momo and Palm only use reclaimed or salvaged wood, which has already served a purpose in another life. It makes Nympheart not only an original, but also an environment-friendly brand.

They use teak and burl wood as a basis. This choice is not a coincidence – Thai people believe these kinds of wood bring luck!

The colored part is made from epoxy resin, which is a type of rubber wood like amber. It’s inserted into the natural gaps and cracks of the teak and burl wood.

handmade jewelry Bangkok

As each item of their wooden jewelry is made by hand, you can customize it. Tell Momo and Palm which stone, wood type, and shape you’d like and they’ll be happy to craft your unique piece for you!

Next to jewelry, Nympheart also produces other accessories such as these one-of-a-kind phone cases:



wood phone cases Bangkok Thailand

One of my favorite pieces (though it’s almost impossible to pick!) is this necklace from burl wood in the form of a water drop. It’s like carrying the sea with you!

handmade wooden jewelry Bangkok

The price of each piece depends on the design and type of wood you pick. This ring would cost approximately 1000 THB and the necklace 900 THB. The earrings of this collection (see picture on top) are 400 THB. Get in touch with me if you’d like more details!

Momo and Palm’s original brand name was one of the first things that sparked my attention. How did they pick ‘Nympheart’?

Momo replied as follows:

“Natural wood is the foundation of our brand, which is represented by the word ‘nymph’ – the spirit of the forest. We craft each item by hand and with love, which is captured by the word ‘heart’. Together we are Nympheart: the heart of the nymph, the heart of nature, and forever at the heart of the person wearing our pieces.”

I can guarantee they stole mine already!

Nympheart wood jewellery Bangkok

How to get hold of your own piece of wooden jewelry

You can have a look at the full collection on Instagram @Nympheart. You can order by sending them a message on Instagram or LINE @Nympheart.

You may also be interested in discovering other sustainable fashion brands like the bamboo clothing of Taktai and the handbags of Repleat.


Share your thoughts with me!

Any questions on this brand or my blog in general? Any ideas or feedback you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! You can also drop me a message through the contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com.


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