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It’s funny that I discovered the Colombian Wayuu bag in Bangkok, on the other side of the world. One day I was walking through one of the many malls of Bangkok when a colorful pop-up stand caught my eye.

It turned out to be the pop-up of Bee, a cool Thai lady with a love for all things boho and handmade. She has travelled the world as a flight attendant for 15 years and one of her many discoveries were the beautiful bags crafted by the women of the Colombia Wayuu tribe.

The Wayuu are an indigenous Latin American tribe living in the desert of La Guajira Peninsula on the border of Colombia and Venezuela, which has managed to preserve their traditional way of living.

Another special feature of the Wayuu people is that their girls literally run the world: women are at the head of the families and give their name to their children. One of the beautiful traditions that are passed on from mother to daughter is weaving — the craft is considered as a symbol of creativity and wisdom.

Each bag has its own pattern unique to the woman who crafted it. It can take up to a full month to finish one bag! (I instantly had a throwback to my school time when I didn’t even have the patience to knit one scarf..)

Their unique design and craftsmanship have made Wayuu bags known around the world. They’ve become a valuable source of income for the tribe, enabling them to preserve their traditional way of living. You can admire the craftsmanship of Wayuu women in this video!

Through Bee you can now get your own Wayuu bag in Bangkok! She handpicks the bags and imports them to Thailand, where she built up a loyal fan base. In addition to her orders she also regularly makes donations to support the Wayuu people. Below some selected pieces!

boho bag lion print
wayuu bag lion print

I love to combine my Wayuu bag with casual as well as elegant outfits. (T-shirt from Belgian brand Kempen Clothing / Right: jumpsuit by Dancing Riot)

wayuu bag colorful tassels
wayuu bag colorful tassels

Top and pants by Dancing Riot

Bali bucket bag

Bee also has a great collection of Bali bags to give a boho touch to your summer outfit!

yellow wayuu bag

Where to shop your Wayuu bag in Bangkok

You can get your hands on your favorite bag from Bee wherever you live in Thailand! Check out her full collection on Facebook or Instagram @wayuubag_BKK and place your order through these channels.


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