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rainbow bag sustainable fashion in Bangkok

Sweater from Belgian brand The Pony Club / Shoes from Thai brand Devant

Sustainable fashion is on the rise in Thailand. I’ve discovered several small artisans here that work with eco-friendly materials. One of them is handbag brand Repleat!

I would never have guessed, but their pretty bags are made from… umbrella leftovers! This original idea comes from Lee, a 24-year old Thai girl with a creative mind and a heart for the environment. If you like bags that are vibrant, practical and eco-friendly, Repleat is your go-to brand!

rainbow bag Bangkok sustainable eco

Shoes from Thai brand Devant

So how did this girl get into sustainable fashion in Thailand?

Lee just finished her studies in product design and has always enjoyed experimenting with different materials. One day she visited a friend who’s family owns an umbrella factory, and saw how much perfectly good fabric ended up in the bin. 

“I liked the bright colors and the light and waterproof material. I’m also passionate about recycling and reusing, although these issues still need to gain momentum in Thailand”, Lee told me. “My friend’s family was happy to supply me with their leftovers and then I started doing what I love most: getting creative with fabric!”

Repleat bag Bangkok
She developed a unique pleading technique, by folding paper inside the umbrella material and baking it in an oven. Inspired by 70ies fashion, she designed her first collection full of bright colors and with an instant summer feel. Repleat was born!
Repleat bag Bangkok

Next to being an environment-friendly brand, Repleat is also a women’s family business. Lee’s mom helps her out with the production, while her aunt manages the financial aspects and her sister lends a helping hand on the marketing side.

“It all works very organically, and I look forward to growing my business with my family at my side. One day I want to establish Repleat as a well-known sustainable fashion brand in Thailand, and I hope many others will follow down the green path too.”

A vision I full-heartedly support!

Repleat bag sustainable fashion in Bangkok

Next to rainbow bags, Repleat also has a collection of backpacks in natural colors.

Where to shop Repleat and support sustainable fashion in Thailand

You can find Lee’s pieces in several shops in Bangkok, for example in the Emporium and Gaysorn malls. You can check the list of shops and the full collection on Lee’s Instagram page (@repleatme) and on her website.

If you’d like to order from outside of Thailand, drop me a message through my contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com!


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Photo credits: Arjit Birani Photography


  1. Angela Darling

    I saw them at the BIG fair recently but didn’t catch their name, thanks so much!

    • Gosia Kurowska

      Great that you discovered them too, happy this post was useful to you! Love the concept behind this brand & the collection 🙂


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