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NARA is not your typical clothing brand. It mixes high fashion, street wear and Thai craft. Looking for an evening dress in Bangkok that’s out of the ordinary? Seeking a denim piece with an extra touch? Or an accessory that’s both glamorous and streetwise? Then NARA is your go-to brand!

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One of a kind girl

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the story of Letar, the creative mind behind NARA, is one of a kind too.


Nara shop Bangkok

She was born in Thailand and grew up in the US, moved to Sydney for her studies, before returning to Bangkok to launch her own fashion brand. All these different experiences have influenced NARA and explain its unique style.

Interestingly enough, becoming a fashion designer hasn’t been Letar’s dream from the start.

“I was an only child and spent most of my free time playing on my own, watching Disney cartoons. It sparked my creativity, I was constantly drawing and making up stories. I dreamt of becoming an artist when I’d grow up, though fashion wasn’t on my horizon yet!”


A cheerleader’s uniform with great consequences

Fashion only entered Letar’s life in high school, when she became captain of the cheerleaders’ team. She was tasked with designing the girls’ uniforms and enjoyed it a lot. She came up with such an original uniform that everyone in the school noticed her talent – the path to fashion design had been opened!

After high school, Letar craved an international experience and moved to Sydney to start her fashion studies at the Raffles College of Design and Commerce.

“A new world opened up to me: from hot Bangkok to windy Sydney, from a protected small environment to taking care of my own.”

She started working as a barista to finance her studies and discovered a new passion: for coffee. It explains why her current shop in Bangkok has an amazing coffee bar as well! 



From Bangkok to the Australian Fashion Week and back

Also in Sydney Letar’s drive and talent didn’t go unnoticed.

“To my surprise I was selected by my college to participate in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! I put my whole energy and personality in that first collection, it reflected who I really was. It had a gypsy, free-spirited vibe with influences from Thailand, America and Australia. The positive feedback after the show was overwhelming, my collection was featured in fashion magazines all over town. It gave me an incredible confidence boost and willpower to launch my own brand!”

Letar moved back to Bangkok in 2015 and started working hard to get NARA off the ground. Her efforts are paying off: you can now find her beautiful shop at one of the city’s most prestigious malls, Central Embassy.


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Unique denim and evening dresses in Bangkok

What characterizes Letar’s brand?

“Each and every item is 100% handmade, using high quality linen and cotton. I care about the environment and want to go against the waste of fashion mass production. When you buy NARA, you buy a piece that’s unique and can last a lifetime.”

If you’re looking for a beautiful and original evening dress in Bangkok, I would definitely recommend a peek in Letar’s shop. I also love her casual chic denim pieces – with traditional Thai embroidery!

denim dress Bangkok

Finally, what does the name ‘NARA’ symbolize?

“NARA comes from my formal name ‘Pimnarra’. The brand is a part of me, my journey, who I am. I love to share it with the world, with all of you, and get inspired in return!”

evening dresses Bangkok

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Where to find NARA and your perfect evening dress in Bangkok

You can find NARA in Central Embassy (level 2). You can find stay tuned on the collection through Facebook and Instagram (@nara.hq).

For more details and prices, contact the NARA team by email (info@nara-hq.com), phone (+66 6 2241 4287) or LINE (@NARA.HQ). Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need any help ordering your piece!


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