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online shopping bangkok

I never looked for online shops in Bangkok, until I got pregnant in this hot and humid city. All of a sudden strolling around and trying on stuff wasn’t that appealing anymore. Similarly, when Cleo was born, going shopping was not straightforward here. Unless you live within walking distance of a mall, it can be tricky to take your baby shopping in Bangkok. You can easily get stuck in traffic, you need an airconditioned place, and your baby might simply not enjoy it as much as you do. So… thank god for online shopping!


Because there’s such an overwhelming choice of online shops in Bangkok, I’ve listed my 10 favorites in this post. As a side note, almost every shop I know has an online sales option – most small designers don’t have a physical shop, but they sell their items directly through their social media pages. You can browse through my blog and check them out! 


In this blogpost, however, I focus on designers with a webshop or an Etsy shop. Without further ado: here are my 10 favorite online shops in Bangkok! (All of these ship internationally by the way!)


My top 10 online shops in Bangkok


1. Dancing Riot

Dancing Riot is one of the first shops I discovered in Bangkok and it was love at first sight! Designer Jay has an amazing eye for style. If urban chic is your thing, be sure to check out her web shop!


white jumpsuit bangkok
crop top high waist pants bangkok


2. Nuichan

If you’re looking for a boho-style dress or kaftan, have a look at the Etsy shop of Nuichan. She is based in Thai seaside town Hua Hin so knows how to create the perfect beach look!

beach dress pregnant Thailand
boho dress Thailand


3. Lamaicraft

Another bohemian inspired Etsy shop from Thailand! Mai makes beautiful macramé bags, accessories and home deco. I have one of her bags, which goes with literally every outfit, and one of her wall hangers is in Cleo’s nursery. Have a look for yourself!

white macrame bag
white macrame bag


4. Hamburger Studio

You’ll never be out of style with Hamburger Studio! This brand is a bit more outgoing, with bold prints and colors. They have pieces for every occasion, from casual t-shirts and dresses to more formal blazers and jumpsuits.

leopard kimono pink jumpsuit
leopard print kimono robe


5. Silvertales Jewelry

If minimalist and geometrical shapes are your thing, you’ll love this Etsy shop from Thai-Slovene duo Joy and Lucija. All pieces are made from silver and crafted by hill tribe artisans. Check out their Etsy shop – and even better, get 10% off your order with code TREASURISTA !

silver minimalist jewelry Thailand
silver minimalist jewelry Thailand


6. Borboleta

Borboleta is THE shop to get the handbag of your dreams! The founder, Veronica from Bangkok, designs each bag with the modern woman-on-the-go in mind. Her handbags are made from high quality and vegan leather. I love their practical design with many compartments. You can choose from a range of colors, and your purchase supports Thai children in need!

borboleta red bag cruelty free leather
borboleta backpack cruelty free leather


7. Pomelo

Pomelo is a bigger online shop with a wide variety of on-trend clothing and accessories. They recently launched a sustainable collection, “Purpose by Pomelo”. You can choose to have your order home-delivered or to pick it up at a store nearby, where you can try everything on and only pay for what you take home (note: this last option is currently unavailable due to covid-19).

pomelo tie dye top
pomelo fashion


8. Headman Studio

If you’re looking for handmade jewelry that you can wear every day, have a look at Headman Studio. Thai couple Prin and Tar make cute nature-inspired pieces, as well as customized orders. I also love their jewelry with Thai words, which makes an original gift!

rose earrings bangkok
gold rings love Bangkok


9. Siamtip

I can guarantee that this shop will brighten your day! Usathip has a gorgeous Etsy shop with boots, sneakers and slippers. They are made by local artisans and inspired by traditional Thai handicrafts. I have a pair of their floral sneakers and they truly brighten my day every time I wear them!

siamtip embroidery shoes thailand
siamtip embroidery shoes thailand


10. Heartland Wanderer

Last but not least, I’d love to introduce you to one of my favorite jewelry shops. Heartland Wanderer is an online shop with Thai inspired pieces. Their first collection brings you to the sea, while the second collection takes inspiration from flower garlands. I guarantee that you’ll have troubles choosing!

boho jewelry bangkok
baby clothing bangkok



Happy “shopping from home”! 

Which shop is your favorite? And do you have any others to add to this list?


PS: if you’re looking for physical shops in Bangkok, have a look at this blogpost and download my free shopping guide!


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