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rose minimalist jewelry

I honestly can’t wait to introduce you to my latest discovery in Thailand! The minimalist silver jewelry of Silvertales is a must-have for every woman. 

Each piece is handcrafted in silver by Thai artisans from the Karen hill-tribe. The Karen are an ethnic group residing mainly in southern and southeastern Myanmar and in northern and north-eastern Thailand. With a higher silver content than sterling silver, Karen silver has a unique weight and feel, and is characterized by a bright satin color.

Silvertales is all about matching this cultural heritage with a modern design. Behind the brand are two power women who are an interesting mix as well: Lucija is from Slovenia and Joy is Thai. They met in Italy where Lucija was Joy’s teacher during her design studies. When Lucija was offered to teach in Bangkok, the two got reunited and decided to launch a business on their mutual passion for Thai craftsmanship.

“We believe in the beauty of handmade items and of traditional artisanship. Wearing a piece made this way brings you such a deeper joy! It creates a bond between customer and creator and helps to keep traditional crafts alive.”

Sharing some of my favorites with you below! You can shop the full collection on Lamka Artisan Store, which offers free shipping in Thailand as well as worldwide shipping.

minimalist silver necklace earrings

Love this necklace and asymmetrical earrings!

The collection has a variety of stackable rings which you can wear in many different ways.

Silvertales embodies beautiful design and traditional craftsmanship, supporting local communities in Thailand.

Each and every item tells a story – that’s where the name of the brands comes from – of who created it and how. By wearing it you wear a piece of Thailand in its most beautiful form!


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