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pregnancy clothing Bangkok

Feeling good in your own skin is not always straightforward during pregnancy. 

Your body seems to change at the speed of light, with some welcome changes (hello big boobs and baby bump!) and some less fortunate ones (swollen hands, anyone?). 

Finding the right clothes can be challenging, as you start growing out of your beloved wardrobe. This could be a great excuse to go shopping, if only you’d know where to go!

It can get especially tricky if you moved abroad to a new city with a pretty different taste in fashion. Many expat women told me they can’t find any nice maternity wear in Bangkok, so I’ve made it my mission – for myself and my fellow pregnant ladies here – to find the best bump-friendly brands in Thailand!

In this post I’m introducing you to two local maternity brands that caught my eye: BChic Mom and Mamy Ann.

maternity dress Bangkok
maternity wear Bangkok

Both brands are from the hand of Ann, a nice Thai lady and mother of two. When she was pregnant with her first child, she noticed how difficult it was to find fashionable yet affordable maternity wear in Bangkok. She started designing some more original dresses that she enjoyed wearing herself, and decided to sell her first items online to other pregnant women. The positive feedback she received confirmed that she wasn’t the only one looking for stylish maternity wear, and boosted her confidence to start her own brand.

Ann Bchic Mom

 Ann: “I don’t have any background in fashion but I’ve always enjoyed dressing up. When I was a 7 year old girl, I cut one of my skirts to make it fit better with my blouse. You can imagine the face of my mother… but my love for fashion started there and then!”

As a mom Ann understands the needs of pregnant women and mothers like no other. Her dresses are pretty and fun to wear, while being practical at the same time.

Ann: “I love that my clothes can make a positive difference in this special phase of a woman’s life. Those 9 months can be challenging, coping with weight gain and other body changes. I’m grateful that my dresses can help women to feel more confident and happy during their pregnancy and beyond.”

pregnancy dress Bangkok

How does she see the future for her clothing line?

“For both BChic Mom and Mamy Ann I am expanding the collection and I hope to offer my brands across Asia and Europe over the next years. My ultimate goal is to make as many women as possible happy and comfortable in their journey towards motherhood!”

maternity clothing Thailand
pregnancy clothing Bangkok

Where to shop BChic Mom and Mamy Ann

You can take a look at Ann’s collection and order her pieces online or through Facebook.


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