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necklace earrings crystal Bangkok

Necklace: 1790 THB / Earrings: 690 THB

Today I’m excited to share with you my latest jewelry discovery in Bangkok! I stumbled upon this cool brand when strolling around Chatuchak Market.

Its design based on natural elements, like tree branches or raindrops, immediately caught my eye. Have a look for yourself!

jewelry natural Bangkok
jewelry Bangkok
jewelry Bangkok

These beauties are from the hand of two Thai women named Eve and Arm. Initially they were into cartoon animation, but they started sketching jewelry for fun too.


Rock Me jewellery Bangkok

Interestingly enough, at first none of them envisaged a job as jewelry designer. After graduating, they both got corporate jobs to play safe.

“It wasn’t until I attended an event on jewelry design, that I realized starting my own company was a real option too”, Arm told me. 

“That event opened a new world to me: I saw designers proudly presenting their own ideas, their own brand. That moment I knew that was my destiny too.”

That same year, in 2013, the two girls took a leap of faith and started designing their own pieces. They decided to use raw unpolished stones as basis, which was unique at that time.

“I take my inspiration from walking in nature, and paying attention to the small things of beauty: a raindrop on a leaf, or the unique shape of a branch. I like to keep my design raw and not too polished, so it reflects the natural beauty of the gemstones I use.”


Ring: 790 THB

Their original style didn’t go unnoticed: they managed to build up their brand step by step and expanded their team from two to six. Each and every piece is handmade and unique.


jewelry natural Bangkok
rings gemstones Bangkok

How did the ladies come up with the name of their brand, ‘Rock Me’?

“‘Rock’ stands for nature and gemstones, which are the foundation of our brand. We chose ‘Rock Me’ because we want to rock your world with jewelry that’s one of a kind!”

rings jewelry Bangkok

Rings: 390 – 990 THB / Bracelet: 1.190 THB / Earrings: 690 THB

jewelry Bangkok

When I ask Eve and Arm if they have a final message for my readers, they reply:

“We believe that every woman has its own natural and unique beauty, like a gemstone. We want to reflect that beauty, make you shine!

gemstone jewellery Bangkok

Earrings: 890 THB / Ring: 790 THB / Dress from Dancing Riot

Want to rock your world too?

You can take a look at the collection of Rock Me on their website or on Instagram @rockmejewelry.

If you live in Thailand, you can order by contacting them on Instagram or LINE @rockmejewelry.

If you live abroad, you can contact them by email (rockme_hjewelry@yahoo.com) or drop me a message to have your item shipped internationally.

Share your thoughts with me!

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