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handmade jewelry Bangkok

One of the great things about living in Bangkok is the city’s cultural diversity.

Walk around and discover its Japanese neighborhood for example (around Phrom Pong – heaven for any Japanese food lover!). Go into Chinatown and enjoy its vibrant atmosphere and delicious street food. Or have a walk in “Little India” in the Pahurat and Silom areas. Visit Bangkok and you visit the whole world!

Sahil, the owner of jewelry brand Trinket, is a representative of this fascinating mix of cultures. His roots lie in India, but he’s been living in Thailand his whole life. If you’re looking for unique handmade jewelry in Bangkok, you can’t miss out on his shop!

Trinket jewelry Bangkok
His family’s been in the high-end jewelry business for over 30 years, so he was destined to continue down that path.

“The jewelry business has always been close to my heart but at the same time I wanted to do something different, to be innovative. I decided to start my own brand with ‘wearable art’, pieces for every day but with a special touch.”

Last year Sahil launched his own jewelry line, with several original pieces influenced by his Indian roots. Take a look!

Bangle bracelet handmade jewelry Bangkok
cuff bracelet birds
cuff bracelet India

These bracelets are each handmade, so every item is unique. You can also customize your own piece, by bringing any image you like!

bangle bracelet India

All pieces are handmade in Thailand and India, and reflect their rich cultures. In Sahil’s words:

“I dream of a world where boundaries don’t define us, a world that is tolerant and open-minded. Therefore my jewelry is a celebration of different cultures – it is through jewelry that I aim to pass a message of peace and harmony.”


You can also customize your own piece of jewelry at Trinket, as a unique gift for a special occasion!


cuff bracelet colors
rectangular earring handmade jewelry Bangkok

I love the original rectangular shape of these earrings, and the cuff bracelet with matching ring are real eye-catchers!

Next to spreading cultural awareness and an open mind, Trinket is also a socially inspired company. All its pieces are made from quality materials that are ethically sources and conflict-free. In addition, the purchase of each item supports the Pratthanadee Foundation, which helps disadvantaged women in rural Thailand to find a job or start their own business.
cap colors Japan
round earring ring

Thailand meets India and Japan: the cap comes from Kyoto-based brand Mikan.

Finally, how did Sahil pick the name ‘Trinket’? He laughs and tells me:

“There’s actually no big story behind it. My father proposed that name when I told him I would start my own jewelry brand. A trinket is a small ornament, and that’s what I want to create – small pieces that have a big meaning for the person wearing them.”

Where to find Trinket and your own piece of handmade jewelry in Bangkok

You can take a look at the collection of Trinket on Instagram (@trinketco) and order by email (info@trinketco.com) or on the soon-to-be-launched website.

If you’re in Bangkok, you can also drop by the Jewelry Trade Center room 919/597 (make an appointment first by email at info@trinketco.com).

For any questions about prices or other details on the items above, don’t hesitate to drop me a message!

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