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turquoise silver ring

One day I got an email: a Thai shop making handcrafted silver jewelry read my blogpost about best shopping spots in Chiang Mai, and asked if I would consider including them too.

Their message sparked my curiosity, but of course I’d only recommend a shop I truly love! So I had a look at their website and didn’t need much time to figure out my answer: YES! How could I have overlooked this gem?

What kind of handcrafted silver jewelry does Metal Studio Jewelry make? They work with a variety of metals and precious stones. Common materials include silver, brass, gold, bronze and vermeil. Metal Studio also has a wide range of gemstones in stock including opal, druzy, ruby, sapphire, labradorite and rainbow moonstone. Each item is handcrafted hence one of a kind.

Have a look at some of my favorite pieces below!

You can find the full catalog here – and you get 15% off any piece if you use code “treasurista”!


druzy quartz earrings
druzy quarts ring silver
topaz bracelet silver

 Who is behind Metal Studio Jewelry?

Metal Studio Jewelry was founded by Thai artist Sirilak Samanasak as a way to share her handcrafted silver jewelry designs with the world. She gets inspired by nature and Thai cultural heritage, but gives her pieces a timeless look and feel. This is what she says about what drives her:

“The thing that I strive for more than anything else is to give make unique jewelry that will be loved and cared for throughout generations. Nothing would makes more more proud than to know that I will be able to make people happy, long after I am gone.”

Her studio in Chiang Mai is a mix of a gallery and a shop. You can buy the pieces that are on display, but you’re also more than welcome to just have a look around! Ms Sirilak will be happy to meet you and show you how she makes her beautiful jewelry.

Metal studio jewelry Chiang Mai

Customized pieces: your unique design

Besides the existing collection, Metal Studio also specializes in customized jewelry. They love bringing your design ideas to life!

Would you like to have your own gemstones set into a piece of jewelry? Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement or wedding ring? Or maybe you just love pieces that are a unique expression of your personality? Then Metal Studio is your go-to shop!

silver blue necklace
silver statement necklace

Where can you find Metal Studio Jewelry?

Metal Studio Jewelry has two physical stores in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But no worries if that’s too far for you: you can browse their collection and place your order in their online shop, which ships internationally. Don’t forget to use code “treasurista” to get your 15% discount 😉 Happy shopping!

turquoise jewelry

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