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Time for a confession — I fell head over heels in love in Thailand.

Not with another man though: it’s Thai boho jewelry brand Sirocco that had me at hello. If you love bohemian accessories as much as I do, you’ll soon feel the same.

Sirocco is designed by a young enthusiastic woman named Ploy, born in Thai beach hub Phuket. Inspired by boho culture around the world and passionate about jewelry, she decided one day to take the risk and set up her own brand.

Sirocco jewelry Bangkok

She didn’t have any education in jewelry design but learned it by herself, staying faithful to her own style while developing her collections. Her products are all handcrafted by herself and her small team of Thai artisans, using semi-precious and natural stones, crystal, silver and brass beads.

Sirocco jewelry Bangkok
 boho bracelets Bangkok
Bangkok boho earrings
Bangkok boho earrings

Ploy combines a passion for handmade jewelry with tons of positive energy. Her life motto is simple yet inspiring:

“Just do it! Don’t give up when things get difficult, and you’ll make it happen.”

In fact, she was one of the first designers I met when I decided to start my blog. It was at a point that I wasn’t sure yet if I’d be able to do it. Meeting her and her contagious dynamism encouraged me to just go for it!

Her jewelry gives me an instant energy boost and summer feel!

boho bracelet watch Bangkok

I like to combine my Sirocco bracelets with a minimalist watch from Thai brand Simpl.

By the way, boys, Ploy also designs for you! Several of her pieces are unisex. Moreover, when I asked her who she would pick as her brand ambassador if she could choose any person in the world, she gave this surprising response: “Cristiano Ronaldo! I love him. He’d look stunning in my jewelry!”

But she was quick to add that every one can be her brand ambassador. Wherever you live, you can let Sirocco give you a touch of Ploy’s positive energy and Thai boho life!


boho outfit Bangkok

My favorite summer look, full of color! The earrings are from Sirocco, the outfit from Thai brand Dancing Riot and the bag is a Colombian Wayuu bag which I got from Wayuubag_bkk.

Where to shop Sirocco

You can find Sirocco at Chatuchak Weekend Market (section 4, Soi 52/1, shop 309) as well as in Siam Discovery and EmQuartier malls in Bangkok. Check out their collection on Facebook or on Instagram @sirocco.official.

Did you fall in love with Sirocco too but you live abroad? Get in touch through my contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com and we’ll be happy to look into the options!

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