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Any fellow gemstone lovers out there? Well, it’s your lucky day, for you will soon be introduced to the magic world of Anisa Chen!

It’s literally like wearing nature — she takes her inspiration from raw gemstones that she finds during her travels and transforms them into artistic pieces of jewelry.

Personally I love statement pieces and eye-catching accessories. And I’ve always loved gemstones, each one having its own meaning (my personal favorite is Tiger Eye – what’s yours?). So you can imagine my joy when I discovered Anisa’s designs in my new hometown!


It turned out we share more than a love for gemstones. Anisa has moved to Thailand from abroad as well — in her case she was born in China and followed her Thai husband to his home country. She worked in fine jewelry before and took the opportunity in Bangkok, a world hub for gemstones, to deepen her gem knowledge and to start designing pieces herself. At first she just created them for friends and family, but their enthusiastic feedback encouraged her to share her work with the world and set up her own brand.

 Anisa Chen jewelry

She uses natural stones in their pure and raw form, making each piece unique. They inspire her collections — for example, the opal she used in her Soleil collection reminded her of the time she spent at the Mediterranean Sea during a friend’s wedding.

“The stone immediately takes me back to those moments, surrounded by the reflection of the sun on the turquoise see and the atmosphere of love and laughter. It’s how the Soleil collection was born.”

opal jewelry

The ultimate beach feel with this white Bali straw bag!

Another collection is called “Compass”, inspired by the ancient way of navigation based on the stars and their formations. Just like Soleil it’s made with natural opal shell doublet, but has more linear and geometric shapes.

opal earring
opal necklace

One of my favorite collections is called “Storybook”, with a range of pendants in the shape of animals and funny creatures. For this one Anisa got inspired by the toys and imaginary creatures of her children, resulting in playful pieces like the beatle necklace below.


Anisa’s pieces are the perfect accessory to any outfit – it’s that unique finishing touch!

Where to shop Anisa Chen

Visit Anisachen.com for more details on her collections and to order online.

If you live abroad, get in touch with contact@treasurista.com and we’ll look into the options to get your favourite pieces to you!


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