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triangle earrings Bangkok

I can call myself lucky to live in Bangkok for a whole list of reasons: its friendly people, delicious food and vibrant atmosphere, to name just a few.

Next to that it has an entrepreneurial vibe that inspires and sparks your creativity. It pushes you to think outside the box and embark on projects you never imagined possible before. In my case it made me question my passion in life and encouraged me to start my own project, a fashion and jewelry blog. What has always sounded silly before, I’ve turned into reality in Bangkok. Because, why not? And if not now, then when?

In terms of jewelry, you can hardly find a better place to blog. In addition to its creative and entrepreneurial vibe, Bangkok is also a world hub for gemstones. So it’s packed with big and small jewelry designers that make the most amazing gemstone creations. And I’m the lucky gal that can discover and share these with you!

One of my first discoveries here was a small jewelry brand named Sist, founded by two enthusiastic Thai women named Ning and Gee. Despite the language barrier – which we enthusiastically overcame with a unique combo of English and Thai – I received a warm welcome in their studio and was inspired by their dynamism and creativity!

Ning and Gee have both worked for many years in the jewelry sector, but only a few months ago they’ve launched their own brand. And they’ve started with a bang, giving Thai tradition a modern spin.

One of their collections, called Lucky Me, is inspired by a Thai ancient customs that assigns a color to each day of the week, based on the color of the god who protects that day. Thai people will know on which day of the week they were born, as that’s their lucky color. Lucky Me has pieces with gemstones in seven different colors, one for each day.

Do you know your lucky color? Check it out here!

Citrine earrings Bangkok

As I was born on a Monday, yellow is my lucky color. With these citrine earrings I’m off on the right foot!

Another collection is Geometry, which I love for its triangle shapes and minimalistic style.

Geometric earrings Bangkok
bracelet Bangkok

These bracelets come in three versions: with turquoise, black onyx and mother of pearl.

As always I finish with my favorite question: what does the name Sist stand for?

Ning replied as follows:

“When we started, we reflected on what we wanted to give the woman that wears our pieces. We came up with four key characteristics that form the name ‘Sist’: Self-confidence, Identity, Simplicity and Trendy. It represents who we are and what we want to pass on to you!”

Where to shop  Sist

You can check out the full collection on their website or on Facebook and Instagram (@sistjewelry). If you live in Thailand, you can place your order through these channels. If you live abroad, drop me a message through the contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com.

Share your thoughts with me!

Any questions on this brand or my blog in general? Any ideas or feedback you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! You can also drop me a message through the contact page or send a mail to contact@treasurista.com.


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