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bamboo clothing Taktai Bangkok

Sustainable fashion. It’s a topic I’m becoming more and more aware and passionate about.

I love fashion but I don’t want to close my eyes for the dirty sides of it. So called “fast fashion” – cheap clothes produced by big chains – is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil. Water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and tons of textile waste are the ugly side effects of an industry that’s all about beauty.

Let me be honest with you – I still haven’t figured my approach yet. It’s fun to follow fashion trends and if you don’t have an endless budget, fast fashion seems the way to go. 

But awareness is an important step. I have decided I want to find out more about sustainable fashion, beginning here in Bangkok, and promote it. And it promises to be a fascinating journey – there are many small brands here that make a difference on a daily basis!

They use the most surprising materials – some time ago I blogged about the gorgeous colorful bags of Repleat, made out of old umbrellas.

Today I’d love to introduce you to Taktai, a Thai brand making clothes and accessories out of bamboo!

bamboo clothing Taktai Bangkok

Meet Ziu, the power woman behind Taktai. Surprisingly enough, her career started in ICT programming. But soon enough she realized that that life wasn’t for her.

“I realized that being locked in an office behind a computer wasn’t making me happy. I wanted to meet people, get creative, spread my ideas to the world.”

bamboo clothing Taktai Bangkok

So how did she get into sustainable fashion and bamboo clothing?

“I once read an article about bamboo fabrics and it sparked something inside of me. I started reading more about the fashion industry and learned that we import most textiles in Thailand – cotton for example is 99% imported. Bamboo on the other hand is fully available here and is much more sustainable. The more I researched it, the more I realized – my dream was to start an ecological Thai fashion brand!”

bamboo top Taktai Bangkok
bamboo jumpsuit Taktai Bangkok
bamboo shoes Taktai Bangkok

She gave up her well paid job in ICT to start her dream project, determined to make it happen. But the start was rough to say the least.

“I went out to remote villages in Thailand to speak with bamboo farmers and weavers. It wasn’t easy to communicate my ideas to them at first, but I wanted to engage them and support local communities. Step by step we found our way together and Taktai has grown into a sustainable and social enterprise.”

weaving clothing Thailand

Ziu’s original approach didn’t go unnoticed – she won a prize as new eco brand and was offered a pop up in the Central Embassy mall in Bangkok. Her bamboo clothing brand is growing and she makes her dream reality: spreading her ideas about how sustainable fashion can be pretty, fun – and 100% Thai!

bamboo dress Taktai Bangkok

And where does the name “Taktai” come from?

“While the brand is rooted in Thailand, I want to bring sustainable clothing to everyone. My name stands for “Talk Thai”, a mix of Thai and English. I want to open up the conversation about sustainable fashion and let the world meet Thai bamboo clothing!”

bamboo clothing Taktai Bangkok

Where to shop Taktai and their pretty bamboo clothing


Have a look at their online shop here! You can also shop Taktai in Bangkok’s mall Central Embassy (pop up store on the 3rd floor).

You can stay tuned on their collections on Instagram @taktaibrand.


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